Cyberbullying in the classroom Advice
Cyberbullying of school staff
14 January 2019

Advice for NEU members who are victims of cyberbullying and to set out the support that can be provided by the NEU.

14 January 2019 Advice
Facebook Profile on Apple iPhone X Advice
Social Media and Online Safety
30 January 2019

Advice for NEU members on how to stay safe online and protect their online reputation. It also provides information about commonly used social media sites and how their misuse might have implications in schools and colleges.

30 January 2019 Advice
Woman on phone in sunshine, against and bright blue wall Advice
Keeping happy and healthy
8 January 2020

This guidance document is aimed at NEU members who are worried that their mental health is suffering because of the demands of their work. It will also be of use to NEU members who are considering returning to work following a spell of absence due to a mental health condition.

8 January 2020 Advice
Man in hard hat with checklist on clipboard Advice
Managing Health and Safety
18 December 2019

This briefing considers the management of health and safety in schools and colleges and the respective roles of the employer, governing body, head teacher and other staff of the school.

18 December 2019 Advice
A classroom of primary school children with their hands up
Primary and Early Years assessment
19 January 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic further highlighted the flaws in our primary assessment system that fails to put children first.

19 January 2021
Bullied teacher in front of a computer Advice
Harassment and bullying- school model policy
21 January 2020

This harassment and bullying model policy is comprised of two sections: a model policy statement and a model procedure for dealing with complaints of harassment and bullying.

21 January 2020 Advice
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