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Pay advice
29 September 2020

Advice on pay scales, pay progression and how to secure fair pay in your workplace.

29 September 2020
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Workload advice
24 May 2021

Workload in schools has reached unprecedented levels. The National Education Union (NEU) continues to work for change at a national level, putting pressure on the Government to reduce this.

24 May 2021
Graphical representation of Covid-19 Advice
Coronavirus: checklist for supply educators
23 August 2021

This National Education Union (NEU) checklist for supply members gives advice on working via supply agencies or directly with schools and colleges from September 2021.

23 August 2021 Advice
Directed time ccampaign clock image Advice
Directed time advice for governors
14 May 2021

The National Education Union is campaigning to ensure that all teachers have a negotiated directed time calendar and that workload conversations happen with all staff this summer term.

14 May 2021 Advice
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