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NEU Supply Teachers Survey
29 June 2019

The National Education Union’s latest survey of supply teachers shows that, despite a teacher shortage and regardless of the Government’s efforts to regulate the supply teacher market, the majority of supply teachers are reporting lower levels of pay compared with previous years. They are also finding it harder than ever before to obtain work.

29 June 2019 Press release
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Action for supply teachers
26 March 2020

Supply teachers, agency teaching assistants and others working in the education sector must have proper financial stability, on a genuine like-for-like with their directly-employed counterparts.

26 March 2020 Press release
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Coronavirus: supply educators guidance
23 August 2021

We know that supply educators have experienced real difficulties since the pandemic began, particularly during school closures. Those difficulties continue, however, even with schools and colleges open.

23 August 2021 Advice
Supply teachers Policy
New Framework Agreement for supply teachers
10 November 2019

Pay and conditions for supply teachers is an emotive issue for our members. New Framework Agreement is welcomed but a return to direct employment of supply teachers is needed.

10 November 2019 Policy
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Coronavirus: leadership advice
26 February 2021

The NEU is committed to helping you ensure safety in the workplace for all staff and students in schools and colleges during this very challenging time.

26 February 2021 Advice
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Supply Staff
7 April 2021

The Covid crisis has demonstrated even more reasons to change the way that we organise the provision of supply staff in schools.

7 April 2021 Press release
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