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Racism and poverty
20 January 2020

On Martin Luther King Day, the NEU wants to make the links between poverty and racism better understood.

20 January 2020 Blog
Support staff workload advice Blog
Teachers' workload
6 December 2019

Teachers' workload problems are rooted in the education system. We need bigger ambition for change from the Government, with actions to match.

6 December 2019 Blog
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DfE Workload Survey 2019
29 November 2019

The DfE is making much of their efforts to reduce the workload of teachers; their 2019 Workload Survey (TWS) report shows a drop in reported working hours of teachers compared to the TWS 2016.

29 November 2019 Blog
Female teacher speaking to male teacher Blog
Rep stories - Out of my depth
24 September 2019

“I’ve told the college you’ll accompany me to the meeting, as my union rep.” “Great! I’ll be there. But first… I need to get some advice!”

24 September 2019 Blog
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Ofsted – education inspection framework (EIF)
24 September 2019

From September 2019, Ofsted will introduce its education inspection framework (EIF) to, “refocus inspections of schools, early years settings and further education and skills providers, to make sure that learners are receiving a high-quality education that puts them on a path to future success”.

24 September 2019 Blog
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Defending the principles of early years education
20 September 2019

Following the recent sector-led response to proposed changes to the EYFS, early years expert, Dr Sue Allingham, of Keeping Early Years Unique, sets out the concerns of the sector, and the principles which must be defended.

20 September 2019 Blog
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