NEU at London Pride Blog
Pride - The future of the Movement
10 July 2020

With Pride 2020 online, NEU LGBT+ members are blogging weekly on 'Pride in the NEU’. This week’s post is from Hiten Shah. 

10 July 2020 Blog
Windrush Blog
The Empire Windrush
24 June 2020

22 June 1948 ‘Citizens of the British empire’. Britain’s schizophrenic approach to migrants continues to this day. Rodeane Henry-Grant on Windrush.

24 June 2020 Blog
Refugee Week 2020 banner image Blog
Refugee week
12 June 2020

15th-21st June. What would our schools, communities, cities, and planet look like if you made the rules?

12 June 2020 Blog
Graphic of Coronavirus for general pages Blog
Coronavirus: Should we trust the UK Government?
6 April 2020

Week of 30 March, Professor Scally published important articles in the Irish Times and Irish News which were widely read and debated, and get to the heart of the UK Government’s approach to the Covid-19 crisis. Prof. Scally’s article is reproduced here in full, without the need for further comment.

6 April 2020 Blog
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