“It’s just everywhere”

A study on sexism and how to tackle it in schools

Schools, education bodies and the Government must take urgent action to tackle sexism in schools. We have a duty and an opportunity to bring about a historic shift: to stop schools being places where girls and boys learn that sexual harassment and sexism are routine, normal, accepted.

Schools must urgently do more to tackle sexism, but they need support and guidance to be able to do so effectively. The Government, Initial Teacher Training providers, Ofsted and individual schools all have a vital role to play. Here are our recommendations on how to tackle sexism in schools.

  • The Government must issue guidance on how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual violence and ensure the RSE curriculum for relationships, across all key stages, is designed to prevent sexism and sexual harassment.
  • Ofsted should recognise schools that take effective action to tackle sexism and all inspectors should receive comprehensive training on how schools can address and prevent sexism.
  • Schools must adopt a ‘whole school approach’ to tackling sexism and take a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment, supported by high quality professional development for RSE teachers.

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