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About the event

This one-day course aims to give reps an underpinning knowledge of negotiation theory and an opportunity to develop and improve their skills and confidence in negotiating in the workplace.

For further advice on eligibility for this course, on negotiating release from work, or for assistance with access and expenses, please contact your regional office or NEU Cymru.

As rep, it will help you to:

  • Approach negotiation from a trade union perspective, as a process of collective representation.
  • Know how to effectively represent the views and interests of members.
  • Understand some of the underpinning principles and practices involved in successful negotiation.
  • Prepare appropriately for negotiation.
  • Recognise the various styles of negotiation and identify their own preferred approach(es).
  • Understand the role of trust and reciprocity in negotiation processes.
  • Undertake negotiation with greater confidence.
  • Use the outcome of successful negotiations to build the presence of the union group in the workplace.