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About the event

The briefing will focus on developments in equality and discrimination law, including types of discrimination, knowing how to identify discrimination and steps to challenge it. 

As well as the Equality Act characteristics the briefing will address issues for agency workers, part-time workers and those on fixed-term contracts. 
Through discussion, worked examples and the sharing of best practice the briefing will help reps to develop their awareness of equality issues, knowledge of the relevant legislation and confidence in raising issues in the workplace.

The training on 13 May ONLY will also help school and college reps to:

  • Work more confidently as a rep in their local workplaces
  • Deal with bargaining and negotiating issues that may arise
  • Receive an update on key NEU campaigning activities
  • Learn how they and their members can contribute to these
  • Learn how to organise members within their workplace more effectively
  • Provide a surgery for individual advice and support
  • Provide opportunities for networking and sharing of their experience with other school/college reps.