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About the event

This one-day course aims to give NEU reps and local officers an introduction to the framework of statutory, contract and other law that surrounds our rights and entitlements at work.

For further advice on eligibility for this course, on negotiating release from work, or for assistance with access and expenses, please contact your regional office or NEU Cymru.

As rep, it will help you to:

  • Approach employment law from a trade union perspective.
  • Understand the basics of employment law including employment status, statutory entitlements and employment rights.
  • Know how what constitutes a contract of employment and how it can be varied.
  • Understand equality legislation and recognise discrimination.
  • Support members with atypical work patterns.
  • Understand and identify the various forms of dismissal and other ways the employment relationship is ended.
  • Understand how a knowledge of employment law can help you represent members more effectively and build the presence of the union in your workplace.