We believe in LGBT+ inclusion and we value LGBT+ educators’ vital role in our education system. Our campaign, ‘Inclusion not Exclusion’, calls for a strong defence of LGBT+ education and support for our LGBT+ educators.

Together, we believe we can win a better education system for all.

Find your nearest Pride event and join fellow NEU members:

Can’t find an event near you? 

If you can’t find an event near you, why don’t you host one? Contact LGBT@neu.org.uk for help, guidance, and support.  

For Pride events outside the NEU, see this list

Become an NEU ‘Pride Captain’ 

NEU Pride Captains help co-ordinate an NEU LGBT+ Educators’ presence a local pride event. If there is already a point-person for your local pride event, then we want you to work together as a team. 

You can use our Pride event tool to host a public event page and RSVP form online. This tool also enables you to email those who have RSVP’d.  

You’ll need an email address to set up an account and have full details of your event. We would also suggest a picture to upload so that your form shares effectively on social media.  

Check the FAQs below, and if you need guidance on using the tool, please email LGBT@neu.org.uk for help.  

  • What’s a ‘Pride Crate’?

    It’s a box of materials you can order via your district that has everything you need. See the ordering form here.

  • Where’s my nearest pride event and when is it happening?

    Check out this list of Pride events taking place in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

  • Check-in  

    Contact your district secretary and ask them if there are any plans to attend pride events. If there already are, help by joining the team. But if there are not let them know you would like to take the lead.  

  • Decide what you want to do and resources you need 

    Do you want to march? Do you want a stall? Do you want both? Make some preliminary decisions, including where you will want people to meet and what time, and then have a think about what resources you need. Identify how you book a place in the march and/or a stall. Contact your district secretary with a plan, detailing any costs and ask them if its agreeable.  

    Use this page to order your pride materials.

  • Promote your pride event  

    Use our LGBT+ educators events system to host your online rsvp page. It’s super easy to use, you just put the details of your event in the system, create an account and authenticate by responding to a confirmation email that’s sent to you. Always check your spam.

    This means you have a unique online page which tells people what’s going on and gives the ability to rsvp. Check out this example here 

    After you’ve got your rsvp page set up, go online, and promote it in any neu facebook or whatsapp groups. Ask your district secretary to email details out to members. If you build it, they will come!  

  • Build a pride team  

    Develop a plan for the day with those who have RSVP’d. Make them feel part of a team and think about creating a special WhatsApp group.  

Ordering materials for LGBT+ activities and Pride events 

Due to an unprecedented demand for Pride merchandise this year, it is with regret that we can no longer provide further crates for sale to districts and branches.  The remaining stock will be used for the Central Pride events that we are committed to resourcing.

Anyone who ordered a crate up to 22 July will have their order filled.

For urgent queries contact - equality@neu.org.uk