Commenting on the UCL paper Teacher workload and well-being. New international evidence from the OECD TALIS study, published today by the Nuffield Foundation, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:   

"Teachers are still working amongst the longest hours in Europe, and this is clearly linked to heavy workload of lesson preparation and marking, resulting in poor wellbeing rates. As this report shows, it is not the core work which teachers find stressful but the piling on to the working day of a set of accountability requirements that exist solely to please Government and Ofsted and offer little educational value. They do however drive high stress and poor wellbeing levels in teachers.  

"High workload also leads to retention problems in the workforce, which this Government has consistently failed to avert. The latest threat of a pay cap in this week's Spending Review adds insult to injury. 

"Since the data used by the UCL researchers was collected, we have entered a worldwide pandemic in which teachers are working exceptionally hard with no extra time or resources, constantly putting themselves at risk and making changes to practice to provide continuity of education for all. 

"The Government must recognise the exceptional contribution of the teaching profession and show respect and trust by eliminating needless inspections this academic year and recognise hard work by not imposing a real-terms pay cut."