Commenting on today’s Welsh Government release of the Independent Wales Pay Review Body (IWPRB) report and the statement from Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, David Evans, Wales Secretary of the National Education Union said:  

"The Welsh Government has clearly waited until Westminster announced its proposals for teachers pay before finalising their thoughts. But Jeremy Miles has had the IWPRB recommendations since May and should have released this information much earlier so that we could enter into meaningful consultation and negotiation

“Far from being a proposal for Welsh teachers, we have seen a reaction to what is happening in England with our members in Wales being offered an award that will still mean yet another huge cut to the real value of teacher pay against inflation. With RPI inflation at 11.7% according to the latest figures, a proposal of 5% for teachers at all pay scales would, in effect, see a pay cut in real terms slap bang in the middle of a cost of living crisis. 

"This does not begin to address teacher recruitment problems at a time when teachers at every level experience the intense and excessive workload pressures that lead to significant numbers quitting within five years of qualifying.

“Just yesterday a Welsh Government spokesperson complained that Westminster is failing to provide the funding necessary for fair pay rises for public sector staff including teachers. There are 2 key points here. Firstly, there is an acknowledgement from Welsh Government that the public sector offers do not represent a fair pay rise. Secondly, devolution of power to Cardiff Bay occurred 23 years ago. Throughout that period a succession of different reports has told us consistently that the devolved budget has been inadequate. This is nothing new and little action has been taken to rectify that position.

"Given this very poor pay proposal, NEU Cymru will ballot our members in the autumn. We simply cannot allow these attacks on our members pay and their standards of living to continue. 

"Between now and then, we want Jeremy Miles to engage with us directly and negotiate. We remain willing and stand ready to do that and we will submit detailed written responses to the report and statement in the coming weeks.

"But, if there is no movement come September, we will have no hesitation in recommending that our members take action." 



Written Statement: Report and recommendations from the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) (21 July 2022) | GOV.WALES

Contact: David Evans, Wales Secretary NEU Cymru 07815071164