Sir Kevan Collins, Education Recovery Commissioner resigned in protest at the lack of Government funding for education recovery plan.

Commenting on the stepping down of Sir Kevan Collins, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:  

"Sir Kevan Collins understood the enormity of the task ahead to support children and young people to recover from the disruption of the pandemic. He also saw that there are no quick or cheap fixes if we are to build an education system that supports high standards and strong mental health for everyone. Unfortunately, the government which brought him in to provide solutions has totally disregarded his vision.  

"This is the moment when Boris Johnson's empty words on prioritising education clash with reality. With a Treasury unwilling to budge, and a Prime Minister and Education Secretary happy to stand back and do little or nothing, Kevan Collins' valiant efforts to deliver a serious recovery package fell on the deafest of ears. This is a comprehensive failure of Government at a critical hour."