The Coronavirus Infection Survey shows a very high proportion of school age children were infected with coronavirus last week.
More than 1 in 40 secondary pupils and 1 in 50 primary pupils tested positive. School age children had the highest rates of infection of any age group.
Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: 

“The Office for National Statistics’ latest Coronavirus Infection Survey shows that infection amongst school age pupils are far higher than for any other age group.

“This is the result of the Government’s failure to take any steps to reduce infection in schools. This shows just how irresponsible it was for the Government to refuse to allow schools in areas of high prevalence of coronavirus to move to online teaching in the last week of term. We fear that many vulnerable people will be infected with coronavirus as a result this Christmas.

“Next term, the Government will need to match their rhetoric with resources and imagination to get coronavirus under control in schools and to break the chains of transmission in schools.”

ONS CV survey graph 181220


ONS CV survey table 181220

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