“Ofsted should take a long hard look in the mirror. Many of the causes of concern for teacher and education professionals are generated by the toxic accountability culture of which Ofsted is a key proponent.

“While teachers and education professionals say they loved their profession as a result of the positive relationships with pupils and colleagues, the burden of a high workload, lack of work–life balance and a lack of resources was impacting negatively on their wellbeing and satisfaction with the job. Teachers reported working an average 51 hours per week, of which a disproportionate amount of time – including evenings and weekends – is taken up with administrative tasks, the majority of which will be generated by the tick-box targets of Government and Ofsted.  

“Funding cuts that have resulted in a combination of reduced staffing levels and resources have also meant that the jobs of teachers and education professionals are now much harder.

“Teachers and education professionals have made it very clear that the job they love is now an uphill struggle. If these concerns are to be seriously addressed, Ofsted needs to take responsibility for its role in causing unsustainable workloads and must speak out about funding cuts as genuine areas for concern.”