Commenting on the Ofsted Annual Report, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“Amanda Spielman is right to argue that schools should provide a ‘proper, substantial and broad’ education. She is wrong to argue that Ofsted’s new inspection framework is the vehicle for this aim to be achieved.

“The fact is, Ofsted has, in its past inspection frameworks, played a major role in creating the conditions where schools felt it was necessary to narrow their curriculum and to teach to the test. A new framework may change school behaviours on the surface, but fear-driven change is not the way to embed better practice in schools.

“Ofsted has neither the personnel, the expertise nor the experience, to operate its new curriculum-focused inspection framework fairly, so that reliable results are made on schools and colleges.

“Whilst the current, high stakes and repressive school accountability framework remains in place, and drive excessive workload and stress in schools, we will continue to see teachers and school leaders leaving the profession in droves.

“This is no way to improve our schools and colleges.”