Commenting on the latest statistics released today, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“The increase in the number of secondary schools with partial closures, under public health advice, reflects the continued spread of coronavirus amongst the population and teenagers in particular.

“Schools need the Government to take more robust action to bear down on coronavirus infection rates and to provide quick testing for pupils and teachers.

“84% of NEU members in our latest survey have said they do not trust Boris Johnson’s Government to keep schools safe, to protect workers, to listen to the profession, to support vulnerable or disadvantaged children, or to ensure exams and assessment are fit for purpose during Covid. This should be a point of acute embarrassment to Government and a clear indication that they are not doing enough to ensure our schools and colleges remain open safely.

“The NEU has been calling for months for the boosting of the track, trace and test throughout the country, and the creation of a Plan B for schools and colleges which outlines contingency plans for possible local or national lockdowns to ensure a continuity of learning for all young people. Failure to implement even basic effective measures is causing additional stress and concern for schools, parents and the wider school community.”


Editor’s Note

Member survey shows lack of trust in Government, 3 October:


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