Two NEU members who were dismissed from Our Lady's Primary Catholic School in Hertfordshire have been vindicated of any wrong doing and were successful in their claims for unfair dismissal.

The NEU legal team advised, assisted and represented our members against allegations of   maladministration with regards to Key Stage 1 and 2 tests investigated by the Teaching Regulation Agency and in their claims against the Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust following their dismissal. The allegations were brought by the Academy Trust on the basis of flawed data.

Commenting on the verdict, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“The allegations against our members were extremely serious and could have ended their careers as teachers. However, at every step it was found that there was no basis to support these allegations. Our members have been vindicated by the Teacher Regulation Agency, the Standards and Testing Agency and the Employment Tribunals.

“We are very disappointed that the Academy Trust chose to pursue these allegations despite the lack of evidence and the fact that our members are dedicated and hardworking teachers who were deeply committed to their pupils and the school community.

“We call on all schools to carry out an adequate investigation in cases where allegations of exam maladministration are made. Sadly, this did not happen in our members’ case, and they were forced to go through a very stressful legal process to clear their names. The NEU is pleased that justice has been served.”