“Head teachers will be justifiably furious at the suggestion from Damian Hinds that the school funding crisis is an issue that can be resolved through better budgeting. The majority of schools have already pared their outgoings and costs down to the bone, and even with bulk purchasing and other economies of scale they cannot match the scale of the problem facing schools. As a result of a lack of Government funding schools have cut staff, increased class sizes, dropped subjects from the curriculum, cut school trips, postponed building repairs and cut back on resources. None of these decisions have been taken lightly but out of absolute necessity. 

“The losers here are our children and young people who are seeing the quality and breadth of the education they receive being cut back at an extraordinary rate. Schools urgently need an additional £2 billion to restore per pupil funding to 2015/16 levels. It is high time Damian Hinds accepted this is a real problem and stopped tinkering around at the edges with suggestions that have either already been implemented in schools or go nowhere near addressing the shortfall of cash needed to run a school effectively.”