Today, the core group of the Headteachers’ Roundtable agreed to formally request all school-based employees to resign as Ofsted Additional Inspectors, with immediate effect. 

They have called on unions and other professional associations to recommend this “quiet revolution” to members, and “to ensure no school-based employees involve themselves in inspection.” This is with a view to securing fundamental reform of Ofsted. (1)

In response, the Leadership Council of the National Education Union has pledged its support of the #PauseOfsted campaign and is advising NEU members not to work for Ofsted as additional inspectors.

It is time to reform Ofsted, an inspectorate which:

  • Drives good teachers and school leaders unfairly from the profession;
  • Exhausts teachers and leaders as they struggle to adapt to constantly changing inspection frameworks (4 in 5 years);
  • Destroys the reputation of schools in deprived areas, which are doing the best work in the most difficult circumstances. These are not ‘stuck’, they have been let down by inadequate funding and support. Ofsted has consistently failed to call this out.
  • Imposes inspection frameworks which are untried and untested on schools, leading to poor inspection judgements;
  • Makes schools the scapegoat for rising child poverty which is the real enemy of learning and progress.

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary, National Education Union, said:

“As the union with the second largest leadership membership, the NEU supports Ethical Leadership. We call upon our members who are additional inspectors to stop working for Ofsted.

“It is time to take back our pride and professionalism. It is time for an independent inspectorate which is trustworthy and trusted by teachers and leaders. It is time to radically reform Ofsted.”

Editor’s Note

  1. Stephen Tierney, “Time to pause Ofsted – here’s how”, Schools Week, 7 February 2020.