He said: 

“The Liberal Democrats have grasped the main issues that are blighting our education system. A chronic shortage of funding and low pay alongside an inspection and assessment system that is not fit for purpose has led to unmanageable workloads and the recruitment and retention crisis. Teachers are leaving in their droves and many graduates do not consider teaching as an attractive option.

"It is our children and young people who are bearing the brunt of the Government's short sighted and punitive vision for education. The Liberal Democrats are absolutely right that we need to ensure that our schools are properly funded so that all our children get the education they deserve. Trust and support need to be given to teachers and there needs to be a fully funded pay increase put in place. Failure to do so will starve schools of their most valuable asset – teachers.  

"We welcome the support from the Liberal Democrats for our #AskDamian campaign to fully fund and fully implement the STRB's recommendations. We will be seeking support for our campaign from other political parties throughout the party conference season."