Commenting on the collection of essays published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), Social Mobility and Higher Education: Are grammar schools the answer? Kevin Courtney, joint NEU general secretary said:

“International research, such as the OECD Pisa survey and other internationally recognised data sets, show categorically that the most successful school systems globally are comprehensive, with schools that are non-selective and open to all local pupils, irrespective of prior attainment.

“The NEU supports the conclusion of the authors of this volume that “expanding the number of grammar schools is unlikely to increase levels of educational or social mobility in this country”. This calls into question why the Government is promoting an expansion in the number of grammar school places in England through its £50 million a year Selective Schools Expansion Fund.

“If this Government is serious about advancing social mobility, it would do better to ensure that all schools have the funding they need to provide a high-quality education for their pupils.”