Commenting on the lost Opposition Motion on Free School Meals, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: 

“It is a very callous decision that has been taken in Parliament.

'This fact that this motion was lost shows how little care or understanding many MPs have of poverty and its impact on children and young people. Denying the 1.4 million children eligible for FSM over the holiday period will result in unnecessary suffering and misery.

'No MP who voted against this will be going hungry tonight, not one of them will be wondering where their next meal is coming from and not one of them will struggle through every single day with insufficient food.

'This isn’t right. No child should return to school after the half term break too hungry to learn.

'The NEU will not stand by as poverty limits the life chances of children and young people. We will continue to campaign to hold the Government to account and leave no child behind".



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