Commenting on the Education Policy Institute (EPI) report, ‘Assessing Covid-19 cost pressures on England’s schools’, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“Despite much talk from ministers about education being a national priority, this report exposes the Government’s neglect of schools.

“Schools have been reimbursed for only a third of the money they have spent managing coronavirus with half of head teachers saying that they expected their school to be in deficit by the end of the financial year. It is likely that this is an underestimate as coronavirus spread so widely in the second half of this term causing even more disruption.

“The Government claims to want to build back better but that will not be possible if schools are bankrupted by coronavirus. Money was found to subsidise people eating out over the summer. Surely Government must see that sufficiently funding schools and colleges is of greater importance".