Commenting on the passing of motion 8 at the National Education Union’s Annual Conference, which is being held virtually, Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

"We need the government to leave the classroom. Its efforts to control in detail what is taught and how it is taught are harmful to students and frustrating for those who work in schools. Educators have learned much during the pandemic about the ways in which they can understand and support the needs of learners – and they have also seen that centralised attempts to regulate the work of schools have hindered their efforts.

"In place of micro-management, teachers need space to make a curriculum that is broad and balanced, offering opportunities for creativity, exploration and for meaningful, collaborative learning.

"That is why, from today, the union will be championing and supporting change that is the fruit of collaboration of staff at school level. We will take careful note of the experience of remote learning, and work to ensure that it is not used as a cheaper substitute for quality teaching and learning.”