Commenting on the resignations of almost all ministers from the Department for Education, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:  

"It is simply not credible to claim a government is still governing when the education department almost entirely empties itself of ministers in a little over 24 hours. At the rate of resignations, there is no prospect right now of an education department fit to oversee any of the challenges of the coming weeks.  

"We can only hope that any eventual successor, emerging from this chaos, will reflect on the Government’s recent difficulties over the Schools Bill. It is irrelevant to the actual situation in schools and the many pressing issues in education. Any Government serious about raising outcomes for young people would listen to the profession, parents and students about what is needed rather than repeating the mistakes of the most recent education ministers by trying to pursue huge structural reforms on a flimsy evidence base.

"There are many issues that are vital to our young people and those who educate them. We need a Secretary of State to fight a battle with the Chancellor for schools funding. We need a Secretary of State to deal with the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention and support staff retention. We need a Secretary of State looking at the STRB report who can also decide to award a pay rise which at least matches inflation. The last of these is perhaps most pressing, as the summer term ends soon and school leaders must be in knowledge of the pay rise and any additional funding in order to plan their budget for next year. It is deeply inconsiderate and insulting to everyone not to resolve this matter by the end of term."