NEU Cymru are today, 7th December, launching their interactive Covid Map for schools in Wales, and is asking members to write to their local MS, to highlight the actions Welsh Government should explore to make their education settings safe.

Speaking about the launch of the website, David Evans, Wales Secretary of the National Education Union Cymru, said:

“NEU Cymru recognises that young people are the Welsh Government’s priority, but we believe there are actions the Welsh Government can take to make schools and colleges as safe as possible.

“We can see, by the increasing number of cases and whole year groups that are being told to isolate, that the virus is spreading in schools and our priority must be keeping both learners and staff as safe as possible.”

The website provides steps that parents, carers, and educators can take to support the Union’s asks of the Welsh Government to make schools and colleges safer.

NEU Cymru is asking the Welsh Government to work with us to keep staff and learners safe, by ensuring:

  • An immediate increase in the availability of testing for staff and pupils
  • Face coverings to be worn in the classroom
  • 'Nightingale' classrooms
  • A Plan B for learning
  • A rota system
  • An “alternative week” system
  • Protection for vulnerable educators

David Evans, Wales Secretary of the National Education Union Cymru, added:

“In much of the country the map will offer reassurance that cases are quite low. In other areas it will reinforce public health messaging from local authorities and Welsh Government that cases are higher. In all situations it will encourage members of the public to follow all public health guidance.

“Where cases are higher it will support school and college leadership in encouraging parents and other visitors to the school site to maintain social distancing and hygiene.

“We want schools and colleges to be safe places to learn and work. Welsh Government must do everything it can to make this a reality.”

The website includes accurate information about the rate of Covid-19 in the areas around a school. The data shows, on a weekly basis, the number of Covid cases and the trend – whether they are increasing or decreasing. It shows the watchlist status of the local authority area and link to any local restrictions that are in place. The Welsh Government has increased the amount of data that is available about local Covid cases and the NEU website makes this data easily available to parents and staff.