Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

Teachers, school leaders and support staff are on the front line, looking after the children of key workers and vulnerable children. But they can only do this vital work if everyone plays fair. The vast majority of children should stay at home. This is the safest place for them.

Gavin Williamson has said that schools opening during the crisis should have no more than 10% of their normal intake. We think this is the right percentage, because it will enable schools to implement social distancing strategies for children old enough to understand why this is important.

If schools are to limit their intake during the crisis, school leaders and teachers must exercise their professional judgement. There may have to be some difficult conversations with parents including telling parents that the school cannot accommodate their children and remain safe.  

Children who have one parent as a key worker should remain at home. Their other parent should look after them. 

Staff who are in the high risk categories should not go into school.

Staff who are living with relatives in the high risk categories should not go into school.

Other staff should attend on a rota agreed between staff and head.