Speaking to clarify the issues surrounding the 4th or additional week, David Evans, Wales secretary for the National Education Union Cymru said:

" It is up to local authorities about their decisions to open on the 4th week, taking account of their local circumstances and the challenges of wider opening, as you would expect. We know our members have been working hard to try and get as many children back to school in the weeks after 29 June.

"The rumours over the weekend have been very unfortunate, and it is important we highlight we were always clear the fourth week was for our members to work on a voluntary basis. It is well known we would have preferred to have waited until September, but all we had asked for with regard to the 4th week, is confirmation that our members will be asked if they can work as a voluntary arrangement.

“Many of our members now will be deeply involved in plans for the wider opening next week. Everyone wishes this was a return to school as normal. But the virus is unfortunately still very real, and everyone is trying their best under difficult circumstances to ensure the wellbeing of staff and students alike.”


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The National Education Union is an amalgamation of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and National Union of Teachers (NUT), formed on 1 September 2017. Please see the below contact details for assistance:

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