With ongoing austerity, cuts in school budgets, and more cycles of teacher redundancies, the outcome for teachers has been increased work intensification. And with devolved government still in collapse, no Minister for Education in place and civil servants prevented from taking decisions beyond narrow confines teachers’ pay talks for 2017-18 (last academic year) are stalled – and going nowhere!

For the 2018-19 academic year, industrial action comprises:

  • Complete non-co-operation with school inspections/ETI;
  • Non-co-operation with key-stage, cross curricular Assessment;
  • Zero tolerance (i.e. no departure) from the NI Teachers’ Council guidance on Practical Class Sizes;
  • Rigid application of the 2011 Workload Agreement and the 1987-88 Teachers’ Contract (the Jordanstown Agreement);
  • Non-co-operation with needless tasks (based on a check list of tasks which focus on needless scrutiny, needless accountability, needless bureaucracy and needless administration) and determined at school level.

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