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Tackling pay progression

As well as seeing their annual cost of living award cut back or withheld entirely, some teachers have also been denied pay progression.  NEU pressure has helped to ensure that pay progression is still the norm, but NEU surveys have revealed that it is a problem for some teachers. As with other pay issues, it is essential that members act collectively to support pay progression in the school.

The NEU has sent its evidence and the report of the latest NEU pay and progression survey to the STRB.  

guide for reps on equality in schools, including a checklist to ensure that all eligible members receive pay progression.

See further advice and information on pay progression and how it works

NEU advice on the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on pay progression can be found here.

Resources for taking action on pay progression

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Removing the burden of performance related pay

NEU has worked with Northern Education Trust to end the use of Performance Related Pay, meaning teachers now get pay progression automatically and their pay rise is not linked to appraisal targets.

Advice and guidance

The NEU has produced a range of information and advice on teacher pay issues. The NEU pay campaign and associated information will help you to secure pay progression and win a supportive school pay policy. The advice will be updated when the 2021-22 School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document is published in late September.

  • Advice Workload
    Pay appeals - checklist

    This checklist will help you prepare for meetings about recommendations to deny pay progression and appeals hearings after a decision has been taken to deny pay progression.

  • Advice Section of a school teachers pay slip
    Winning pay appeals

    This guide gives advice on securing pay progression by persuading governors not to accept a recommendation to deny pay progression or by appealing successfully against a decision to deny progression.

  • Advice Female teacher marking students work
    Pay policy checklist

    School teacher checklist for England to be used alongside the National Education Union model policy to help you negotiate a policy acceptable to the NEU.

  • Advice Workload
    Pay model policy

    This model pay policy will help to recruit, retain and motivate teachers, provide the basis for sound financial and personnel planning and minimise the risk of grievance and discrimination.

  • Advice Workload
    Pay appeals - model letters

    Model letters for meetings about recommendations and appeals hearings around denial of pay progression.

  • Advice Young woman talking to man
    Securing pay progression

    This is a guide on steering a course through your appraisal and the pay decision process to ensure that you can secure pay progression.

Want more help or advice on how to secure pay progression at your workplace?

Your first point of contact for advice and support from the union should be your National Education Union workplace representative.

If you don't know who that is, contact your branch or district. You can get contact details by telling us which local authority you work in:

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