Material here focuses on school teacher pay, but securing pay progression and appropriate national pay structures are relevant to all education workers.  

We're pressing for restoration of the real terms pay cuts teachers and support staff in England and Wales have suffered since 2010, for pay progression for all eligible staff instead of unfair PRP and for all employers to use the national pay scales.

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Advice and guidance

The NEU has produced a range of information and advice on teacher pay issues. The NEU pay campaign and associated information will help you to secure pay progression and win a supportive school pay policy.

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    Pay campaign

    The NEU is campaigning for inflation-plus cost-of-living pay increases for teachers, and effective action on pay for other supply and support staff.

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    Pay progression

    The NEU is campaigning for pay progression for all eligible members.

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    Pay advice

    Advice on pay scales, pay progression and how to secure fair pay in your workplace.

STRB and pay progression survey

The latest NEU evidence, NEU supplementary evidence and pay progression survey went to STRB to back our strong case on teacher pay. 

We opposed the Government's pay freeze and called for urgent action to restore the huge real-terms cuts to teacher pay against inflation.  We also called for PRP to be abolished, the national pay structure restored, teacher shortages tackled and workload issues addressed.

The last NEU pay and progression survey of 26,000 NEU members is a key piece of evidence that the current pay arrangements are unfair. 

Teachers overwhelmingly oppose the pay freeze.  Pay progression continues to be unfairly restricted, with no justification or warning - and often on the basis of factors that are completely outside teachers' control.

Joint union statement to the STRB

On pay the teaching profession is united and the Government isolated.  We joined with other teacher unions to express our united opposition to the proposed pay freeze and to call for the removal of PRP.

Want more help or advice on how to secure pay progression at your workplace?

Your first point of contact for advice and support from the union should be your National Education Union workplace representative.

If you don't know who that is, contact your branch or district. You can get contact details by telling us which local authority you work in:

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