All pay progression for teachers in maintained schools in England and Wales is now linked to their performance. The School Teacher’s Review Body (STRB) has given schools more flexibility in how they determine teacher’s pay – although the vast majority continue to operate according to national pay scales. 

With pay progression depending on appraisal outcomes and meeting standards set by schools, knowing how the system works and how to challenge pay policies collectively or appeal decisions individually is essential to protect teachers’ pay.

The NEU opposes the use of performance-related pay (PRP) in schools - it is unfair and ineffective.

Advice and guidance on pay progression

The NEU has produced advice and guidance materials on what should be happening in your workplace, how you and members at your workplace can ensure you get the progression you deserve using our step by step guide and all the resources you need around pay and pay progression.

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    Securing pay progression

    This is a guide on steering a course through your appraisal and the pay decision process to ensure that you can secure pay progression.

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    Pay toolkit

    Use our pay toolkit to secure pay progression, by taking collective action or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress. 

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