School cuts - what's the damage?

On Tuesday 24 October we're holding a lobby of Parliament - will you join us?

Because of shortfalls in funding 88% of schools are still facing real-terms cuts despite Government announcements about more money going into the system.

That means:

  • less for our children and young people
  • bigger classes
  • fewer teachers and staff
  • a reduced curriculum
  • parents plugging the gaps

On Tuesday 24 October the National Education Union will hold a mass lobby of Parliament to protest against education funding cuts. MPs will be asked to put pressure on the Chancellor to find the funding needed to reverse the cuts and invest in our children and young people, a month before he is set to deliver his budget statement. Will you join us?

Party conferences

This year at party conferences, we asked the Government to change course and invest, not cut - and this was the subject of our fringes at the TUC and party conferences. We had a stand at every conference. Delegates and MPs came along and played our game ‘School funding – higher or lower?’ to find out the impact of school cuts.



Our campaigns

We're fighting for a fairly-funded education system, with highly trained and qualified teachers and educational professionals who have manageable workloads, fair pay and good working conditions. Download our guide to National Education Union campaigns.

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