Officer resources

Potentially sensitive advice and guidance for NEU officers is held on our secure Sharepoint website. This information was previously held behind a login on the website. The first time you visit the link below, you'll be prompted to request access. This needs to be manually granted, a one-time-only process that will normally be completed by the next working day.

Officers resources

Bulk email and access to data

Access to the legacy bulk email systems has ended. As all ATL and NUT member records have migrated onto the NEU system, they are not able to contact NEU members. Until new email and data systems are available, officers who urgently need to contact members should contact their regional or national offices.

We are aware that these arrangements will  concern local officers. Providing access to NEU membership data is a top priority for the Union.

From 1 January 2019, member data is only available to officers who have been elected as NEU secretary or nominated as interim NEU secretary for the period up until their AGM.

Officer training

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    National Training Programme

    Our comprehensive support and development programme enables local officers to progressively build their skills and confidence, helping them to carry out their vital local role.

Membership factsheet for officers

The NEU’s Recruitment and Membership Department has developed downloadable fact sheet on some of the key changes which will affect ATL and NUT legacy members as they enter the NEU’s membership year running from the 1st January 2019 to 31st August 2019.

This is intended as a tool for local officers to help with enquires they receive from members. This information will also form the basis for communication to members regarding these changes.

We welcome your feedback on this document. Please use the form below to provide feedback, especially if you feel there is a gap in the information provided which you think your members will raise in relation to their membership.

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