Potentially sensitive advice and guidance for NEU officers is held on our secure Officers Sharepoint. The first time you visit the link below, you'll be prompted to request access. This needs to be manually granted, a one-time-only process that will normally be completed by the next working day.

Access to data and bulk email

NEU officers can now send bulk email to members in their district by using Action Network. You can also find members' data on the officer portal system which is available to officers who have been elected as NEU secretaries, assistant secretaries and membership secretaries.  We have available Action Network help guides to help you with using the system. 

Request branch or district e-mail accounts

If you have been elected as a new officer, you can request branch or district e-mail account from IT Information

Your district page

Every NEU district has its own web page on the NEU website. These can be found from the district pages listing or by using the search facility. A step by step guide on how to access and edit your content can be found in district page guide.  For your access login details, please email website@neu.org.uk with your preferred contact email and a password reset link will be emailed to you.

Updating details

Secretaries can now update their committee members' details. District and Branch secretaries should update their local committees online on the membership system. See the full guide on Managing District and Branch Committees.”

New secretaries should email Rachel.baxter@neu.org.uk directly to have their details updated.

Membership system training:

This video explains the process of updating your local committees online on the membership system. 

Ordering materials


Order all trainee and general recruitment materials including applications forms, flyers and posters, along with recruitment items for leaders and School Direct using our recruitment materials order form


You can order campaign leaflets, stickers, banners and other available publications from the respective campaign pages

NEU business cards

Officers can now order 'business' style cards for local officers in districts and, where necessary, for officers at branch level. These requests will be managed by Despatch, Head Office. Adopting this approach allows us to bulk purchase the cards at a cost that is advantageous to the Union. In the first instance we will supply each person with the option of ordering multiples of 100 or 200 cards. The cost of producing these will be deducted from your local subs payment.

ID badge

Officers can now order a laminated ID badge to include name, position, district/branch, NEU logo and photo.  The cost of this is covered by HQ.