Covid-19 and Supply Staff

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Can and Should Supply Members Join a Union?


Supply members get some of the worst pay and conditions for the profession in the country.  A reason is that many supply staff are not in a union so are not collectively campaigning.  If anything, supply members should be the first to join unions.

Barnet schools rely heavily on supply staff due to recruitment and retention crisis of teachers in Barnet.  The problem is most supply staff are employed by agencies (or even umbrella companies) and the agencies charge large fees.  Both the schools and staff lose out.   It also means that most supply teachers are not in the Teachers Pension Scheme (or may not be in any pension).

Barnet Supply Members Officer

Peter Block is our Supply Members' Officer.   To contact Peter by email please click here.

Barnet Supporting Supply Members

Barnet is very lucky to have an excellent Supply Members' Officer, Peter Block. Peter has even appeared on national television fighting for better pay and conditions for supply teachers.

Barnet NEU is currently has two projects to improve the pay and conditions for supply staff
1 - persuading the local authority to give clear guidance to schools about how they can employ teachers directly.
3 - encouraging schools to employ teachers directly under STPCD and put them in the Teacher Pension Scheme.
3 - working with an employers' group to set up a supply pool for their schools.

What Should Supply Teachers be Paid?

If a supply teacher is employed according to School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document then they should be paid as follows:

Main pay range: £141.52 to £199.81
Upper pay range: £206.72 to £222.30

If the school uses the recommended the pay points then the minimum pay should be:
M1 - £141.52
M2 - £150.29
M3 - £159.59
M4 - £169.47
M5 - £183.85
M6 - £199.81
U1 - £206.72
U2 - £214.36
U3 - £222.30

National Advice

For the union's general advice about supply please go to .

Umbrella and Limited Companies

Many agencies want to teachers to be employed by umbrella or limited companies.   Before a supply teacher signs up with an umbrella or limited company they should check the union advice see

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