Dear ____________________,

We are writing to you as NEU members in [INSERT NAME OF SCHOOL].

We have seen the stories that top scientists in "independent SAGE" have published a report saying that it is not safe to begin reopening schools on June 1st.

Their report suggests that June15th may be a more appropriate date, by which time the risk to children will have been halved.

The report also says that before schools begin wider reopening it will be necessary to have contact tracing will need to be widely available – again they say this is likely by June 15th.

We really want to see the children back in our school but we sincerely believe that this report cannot be ignored.

We are therefore asking you to delay any wider reopening of [INSERT NAME OF SCHOOL] until at least 15th June, when it appears that risks will be halved and contact tracing is widely available.

We know that the government handling of this situation has put you in a terrible position and we really want to continue working with you to ensure that any plans that are put in place are sustainable and work for everybody, putting safety and well-being first.

We believe that taking a step to delay wider reopening would enable us to do this with confidence.

We are aware that some schools and Local Authorities have already made this decision in light of the report today.

We look forward to hearing your response.

Yours sincerely


Below is a link to a joint NEU/GMB/UNITE/UNISON planning and guidance on wider school reopening

28th May is deadline date when the PM will decide if it is feasible and safe to reopen schools on 1st June based on the numbers. Yes the numbers are falling but not enough. Today (21st May) there were over 2,400 new cases and over 560 deaths.  The NEU message is clear the 5 tests MUST be completed first. 

All schools have been sent risk assessments which should be completed and shared with staff before 22nd May. Below is a copy of the risk assessments sent into schools. 

Barnsley LA and the Academy Alliance have agreed that schools will not be able to fully reopen for R, Y1 and Y6 children. They stated that the approach will be a phased reopening dependent on  plans and risk assessments being completed.

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