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Dear <councillor name>​

I am very concerned about the premature wider opening of schools to very young children.  I understand that this Government plan was imposed without discussion with school leaders or the Trade Unions.

The Trade Unions and the British Medical Association (BMA) believe that the Government is acting recklessly in putting pressure on schools to plan for a 1st June wider opening.  The Government are also proposing to start with the most inappropriate age groups who cannot socially distance.  Their plan lacks scientific evidence that it is safe.  It is highly unlikely that the Government will have control of the disease by 1st June through testing and tracing and they therefore risk increasing injury and deaths amongst the population.  Some local authorities, led by Liverpool, have taken a stand and are strongly advising their schools to not heed this call and only open when it is safe and the Trade Union five tests have been met.  ​

Please can you raise my concerns about the 1st June plan and ask, on my behalf, that Sheffield City Council takes the approach of Liverpool, and protects Sheffield children, staff, their families and the whole community by publicly announcing that it will advise schools to only open when it is safe and the Union five tests have been met.​  They should also be clear that 1st June is too soon for schools to organise around, or for the Government to demonstrate that the virus is under control.

Yours sincerely,​

​<full name>​



Background information and links;

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    quote from Mary on keeping NEU members safe