NEU is committed to helping members develop throughout their careers. Members can access a comprehensive range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses through NEU, most of which are free to all members.

We want to help you to develop professionally and personally throughout your career. CPD and learning should be effective and impact on your practice.

This brochure aims to provide you with all the information advice and guidance you need to develop in one place. CPD can take place in several different ways; attending courses, accessing online courses through the website’s ‘Learning Zone’, reading a relevant book or watching a colleague perform within their role are some examples of how you can access CPD in your workplace and with your union.

NEU’s professional development programme is designed to enable you to identify and meet your learning needs as part of any kind of development structure your workplace offers, or that you choose for your own development. The professional development programme reflects the diverse and inclusive nature of NEU’s membership, and courses have been designed for members in every sector and role. Our courses are skills-based, giving you practical tools that can be taken back into your workplace and beyond. To get the right course for you, we suggest thinking about not only what would benefit your institution and students, but also what would be of most value to your own personal development.