NEU Officer Resources

We're changing the way union officers access the tools they need to carry out their role. If you were formerly an ATL or NUT officer, you can find out what's changed on this page. We'll update it as new services are brought online.

See below for details on the changes to:

Please note: NEU District Secretaries should complete the confirmation form to gain access to member data, initially via their regional or national office. Access for other officers will roll out throughout the year.

Officer advice and guidance

Potentially sensitive advice and guidance for NEU officers is held on our secure Sharepoint website. This information was previously held behind a login on the website. The first time you visit the link below, you'll be prompted to request access. This needs to be manually granted, a one-time-only process that will normally be completed by the next working day.

NEU Officer Resources

Email services

The new NEU email system is due to launch in early 2019. More information about this service and how to access it will be circulated shortly.

As of 1 January 2019, access to the bulk email system used by former NUT officers and the MRM used by former ATL officers was ended. Both of these systems were designed around the structures of the former unions and as such are not able to be used to contact NEU members in the new union structure.

Before the launch of the new email system, officers who urgently need to contact members should discuss alternative arrangements with their regional or national offices.


Access to data

All ATL and NUT member records have migrated onto the NEU system. A new Officer Portal will be rolled out in the new year.

Between 1 January and the roll out, NEU secretaries are requested to contact their Regional or Wales office who will have access to the most common reports run on the existing services.

We are aware that these interim arrangements will cause concern to local officers who are used to having direct access to membership information.  Providing district secretaries and workplace reps with access to NEU membership data is a top priority for the Union. 

From 1 January 2019, member data will only be available to officers who have been elected as NEU District Secretary or nominated as interim NEU district secretary for the period up until their AGM.

An email asking for these details has been sent to current secretaries of branches/districts (ATL) and associations/divisions (NUT).

If you have any questions about the form please email