CPD can take place in several different ways; attending courses, reading a relevant book or watching a colleague perform within their role are some examples of how you can access CPD in your workplace and with your union. The professional development programme reflects the diverse and inclusive nature of NEU’s membership, and courses have been designed for members in every sector and role.

There are no course fees for members to attend a NEU CPD course, but we do not cover travel or accommodation costs. It is however important that you receive support from your employer to attend this course, not just in the time away from the workplace but also in travel costs.To help you secure both time-off and financial support from your employer, we have produced guidance on your rights to time off, how to request training from your employer and your rights if your request is refused. Please contact the NEU NI Regional Office or call 028 9078 2020 for more information.

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Free CPD offer: 'Teaching and supporting remote learners online'

NEU members, Cecilia O'Hagan and Audrey Currie, from Stranmillis University College, have developed and made available to teachers 'Teaching and Supporting Remote Learners online' specifically as a community contribution to support teachers working from home during the Covid-19 crisis.

This 4-week professional learning course has been designed by the college at this time to support educational professionals working from home during the suspension of teaching in NI schools and colleges.  

The focus of the course is on the promotion of ‘teacher presence’ for all children, using simple technology skills such as webinar and video lessons. This is a supportive course for teachers to enhance the wellbeing of children and young people while working from home.

The course is free, and we thank Celia and Audrey for this generous initiative at a difficult time.

Fighting Words

Fighting Words is a well established programme to help children and young people, and adults who did not have this opportunity as children, to discover and harness the power of their own imaginations and creative writing skills. At its core, Fighting Words is also about something much broader and more inclusive. It is about using the creative practice of writing and storytelling to strengthen our children and teenagers – from a wide range of backgrounds – to be resilient, creative and successful shapers of their own lives.


Student and NQT workshops

NEU offer a range of workshops (90 minutes) for student and NQT members including:

  • Protecting your professional online identity.
  • The voice of control.
  • Teaching in the multi-ethnic classroom.
  • Meeting the parents – how to cope with parents’ evenings.
  • Applying for your first job.
  • What can happen in the classroom.
  • Managing classroom behaviour.

Please contact the NEU NI Regional Office or Theresa Devenney for more information about dates, venues and enrolment.

Early years

NEU organises training in the early years sector through a partnership agreement with early years. Courses we can offer are subject to demand.

  • Managing critical conversations.
  • Managing challenging behaviour in the early years.
  • Delivering multi ethnic early years provision.
  • Voice care for early years practitioners.
  • Protecting your online professional identity (personal  use of social media).
  • Child protection overview.

Please contact the NEU NI Regional Office or Theresa Devenney for more information about dates, venues and enrolment.

Equality workshops

A range of workshops offered by the Equality Commission that can be accessed through membership of NEU.  Equality Training seminars for Employers or Service Provider are available through the Equality Commission. These are CPD certified training opportunities, with online registration at the Equality Commission Northern Ireland website.

Workplace relations and employment law

NEU enjoy a close working relationship with the Labour Relations Agency (LRA). Several NEU personnel sit on dispute resolution and arbitration panels facilitated by the LRA.  Members can access a wide range of information sessions, briefings, workshops and updates run by the LRA. You can book  places (free of charge) online or contact the NEU NI Regional Office.

Open university free courses

We offer a range of courses offered through partnership with the Open University. These include over 800 free taster courses ranging from introductory level to postgraduate level. There are over 800 courses to choose from, each taking between one and fifty hours to complete.

FUTURELEARN: The expertise of the open University also powers Futurelearn, the UK’s largest provider of online free courses. Futurelearn has courses in a range of categories including Business & Management, Creative Arts, Health & Psychology, History, Languages, Law, Literature, Nature & Environment, Politics, Science, Maths & Technology and Sport and Leisure. Learn more

Staff training for schools and colleges

NEU can directly provide a range of courses to your school / college as staff training or at ‘INSET’ days, for instance. Our courses are skills-based, giving you practical tools that can be taken back into your workplace and beyond. To get the right course for you, we suggest thinking about not only what would benefit your institution and students, but also what would be of most value to your own personal development. Courses include:

  • Protecting your professional identity online (1 hour)
  • The multi-ethnic classroom (half day)
  • Creativity in the classroom (half day)
  • Managing classroom behaviour (half day)
  • Managing investigations (aimed at school/college managers) (2 Hours)
  • Understanding your pension (1 hour)
  • Teachers’ terms and conditions (the “Jordanstown” agreement) (1 hour)
  • Workload and managing stress in the workplace (1 hour)

Please contact the NEU NI Regional Office or call 028 9078 2020 for more information.