Welcome to the professional community of NEU Leadership on Guild.  

About Guild

  • A professional customised digital tool
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • GDPR compliant
  • Developed to effectively enable communication, collaboration and co-ordination  

Guild allows you to introduce yourself to other leadership members in the community to offer support, share best practice and shape the future of education.

Let other leaders know about the community and encourage them to make contributions.   We hope you can add value whilst also receiving value by being a part of this group!

Some key points

What is the purpose of the NEU Leadership community group?

  • The NEU Leadership community is a space for you to: Connect, learn from, and collaborate with other leaders in education.
  • Developing your leadership activism.
  • Build your own local and national leadership networks.
  • Raise NEU Leadership member profile and sphere of influence.
  • Shaping NEU campaigns on; ofsted, workload, pay, pensions, etc.  
  • Further development of the NEU Ethical Leadership Code of Practice.
  • Input into NEU training and Leadership CPD both regionally and nationally.
  • Contribute and help inform topic areas of leadership interest in your Lead publication.
  • How best to work with other educational unions and supporting professional unity.
  • Shaping the content of your leadership annual conference.
  • And whatever you ‘the member’ wants to talk about with other educational leaders.

Who is involved?

The community app is run by Guild which provides an ethical-tech professional messaging service. They will work in partnership with NEU staff and NEU Leaders to motivate, inspire and promote positive connections to benefit education and the education profession. 

Who is this leadership community for?

This community is for NEU senior leaders comprising of: headteachers and principals, deputy headteachers and vice principals, assistant headteachers and assistant principals, head of centres, schools and post 16 colleges leaders in the FE and independent sector,eExecutive headteachers and leaders of MATs, directors and assistant directors of education, business managers, bursars and FE finance managers.  

How can you introduce yourself?

Completing the Guild profile is the place to introduce yourself. It allows members of the group to see who you are, where you are on your leadership journey, the sector you work in and build rapport. Advice on how to create the perfect profile can be found here.

How to join

Guild is for NEU leadership members only. Check your email inbox for your invitation to join. If you have not received your invitation, email guildenquiries@neu.org.uk.