The Joint General Secretaries of the NEU have sent a letter to the Government of Honduras demanding an end to the repression and persecution of teachers and union leaders.

The social crisis in Honduras  is of growing concern. The violent response from the authorities, which has claimed the lives of several people, has prompted both the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Education International (EI) and its affiliated union in Honduras, the Colegio Profesional Superación Magisterial Hondureño (COLPROSUMAH), to take action.

COLPROSUMAH has been fighting the Honduran government's decision to open the door to the privatisation of education and has continued to advocate for universal access to quality public education in line with EI priorities and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Through the EI’s Global Response to Privatisation and Commercialisation of Education, the NEU has continued to argue that privatisation and the removal of public funding are the main obstacles to universal access to education and to reducing inequality.

The collective resistance mounted by COLPROSUMAH therefore forms part of an unstoppable global campaign of teachers from all over the world. Yet the Government of Honduras is resorting to repression and threats.

The NEU demands that the Honduran government:

  • Respects human rights and freedom of expression in Honduras
  • Guarantees trade union freedoms as established by the ILO in its 2018 recommendation;
  • Puts an end to violence and the repression and intimidation of civil society and union leaders who have mobilised;
  • Guarantees the safety of COLPROSUMAH's members and the cessation of threats to its leaders
  • Makes the right to quality public education for all a reality