Conference 2019

The first National Education Union conference will be held in Liverpool from 15-18 April.

For the 2019 conference, delegates will be elected by their current ATL district or NUT association. Members wishing to attend conference as delegates should speak to their local districts/associations. The deadline for members to be elected as conference members is 31 December 2018.

Delegate accommodation will also be booked separately. Many of the NUT associations have already booked hotels for their delegates. There are still plenty of rooms available however. Please visit the Liverpool Convention Bureau if you need to. Hotels for ATL section delegates are being booked centrally.

All delegates’ accommodation and travel costs will all be paid by NEU districts.

There is a facility for observers to attend conference. Observers can be members whose district/association delegations are full, delegates’ partners or members ineligible to be delegates. Observers will be welcome to attend any part of conference other than the closed session.

There will be a crèche in operation during conference. The crèche will be run by Nipperbout and will be free for conference delegates. More information and details of how to register children can be found here.


Form C.01 – for NUT section districts and associations to register delegates

Form C.02 - to submit motions for conference

C.02 notes – information on how to write and submit motions for conference

Deadlines – for motions, amendments to motions, nominations to Conference Committee and priority motions

Observers form