Regularly updating knowledge and skills can help you remain competent, effective, and innovative in your role. When your practice has these qualities, you are more likely to feel inspired, inspire others and teach effectively, thus enabling your learners to achieve their best.

To help you prepare for your teaching career, the NEU run a range of webinars aimed specifically at students and NQTs to give you the confidence and skills in the classroom you need.

All the webinars are free but you must be a member to access them. Membership is free to students and only £1 for NQTs.  So don’t miss out: join the NEU here.

Transactional Analysis

26/04/2021 11am - 12.15pm

This webinar will look at transactional analysis and behaviour considering the dynamic of the challenging class and exploring positive management strategies.

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Communication and mental health: Ways to create healthy emotional dialogues at school

26/04/2021 3.45 - 5pm

This webinar focuses on communication and mental health and will explore ways to approach sensitive conversations with pupils.

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Teacher wellbeing - Purpose, Perspective and Agency

27/04/2021 11am - 12pm

This webinar for students and NQTs will look at teacher wellbeing exploring three areas of purpose, perspective and agency. It will help you to connect with your sense of purpose, know how to maintain a sense of perspective and develop your agency.

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Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

27/4/21 3.45-5.15pm

This session on effective teaching and learning strategies will provide low effort, high impact ideas for any classroom. It will be fast paced and packed with ideas for you to Try, Refine, and suggestions for you to Ditch.

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Dealing with Low Level Disruption

28/4/21 11am-12.15pm

The most common form of poor behaviour is low level disruption. While this can be subjective - what concerns one teacher may not be of concern to another - this webinar for students and NQTs will explore those behaviours that, while not overtly challenging or confrontational, can interfere with teaching and learning.

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Teaching Generation Z

28/4/21 3.30-4.30pm

Move over Millenials, the next generation is here! Generation Z (students born between 2005 - 2012) are hurtling through our education system & this is your chance to get to know what makes them tick! This webinar will cover classroom and behaviour management issues and offer solutions for the new generation of students.

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An Introduction to Neurodiversity

29/4/21 11am-12.15pm

This webinar will examine what the term neurodiversity means and the aims of the movement/s that are often associated with it. It will explore social and medical models of disability and how stereotypes and stigma can impact upon the expectations we have for pupils

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Building Effective Teamworking

29/4/21 3.30-5pm

This session will explore some key themes to support students and NQTs in establishing themselves as team leaders. Knowing what your role is a team leader will be explored alongside understanding more about team roles and behaviour. The more information you have about what makes a high performing team, the easier it will be to plan how you want to approach your new role as a team leader.

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Classroom Voices - using and looking after your voice

30/4/21 11am-12.15pm

Your ‘Teacher Voice’ is perhaps the most powerful teaching tool that you have. In the classroom, you use your voice to question, challenge, clarify, engage, stimulate, provoke, support and manage. We often automatically assume that we can rely upon our teacher voice. However, as with any tool, we need to use it correctly…and look after it.

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Securing your first job!

30/4/21 3.45-5pm

There is now less than half of your trainee year left to go and your thoughts will be turning to how you secure your first teaching position. This webinar will give you some top tips and advice on how to make that successful application.

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