Dates available
  • Tuesday 12th May 2020 (9:30am - 4:00pm)

    Hamilton House
    WC1H 9BD
    United Kingdom

About the event

The course will suggest individual and classroom strategies to increase independence in the reader to record information they read and to memorise it.

This masterclass will look at both the Primary stages of reading and continue through to the curriculum demands for reading in secondary.

'I swiped the page but nothing happened'... learning to read and reading to learn

This masterclass will support the new Education Inspection Framework taking into account the five areas that will be targeted in Ofsted’s deep dive into reading. It will foster a culture for reading.

  • Learning to read: tuition in phonological awareness leading on to synthetic phonics with the appropriate use of reading materials.
  • Supporting learners with SEND to overcome the barriers in learning to read and having access to daily practice.
  • A structured, cumulative, sequential approach to teaching reading reinforced with appropriate books.
  • The importance of exposing learners to a variety of reading: stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction in order to develop their vocabulary, language comprehension resulting in their motivation for and enjoyment of reading.
  • The frequent assessment of progress in reading to identify any difficulties and recommendations for interventions to include effective memory strategies.