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About the event

Delegates have the option to attend a half day or full day and pick one or two disorders to focus on in more detail.


Explore the definitions of dyslexia, recognising the signs and indicators of a learner with dyslexia in the classroom before moving on to practical teaching practice with the opportunity to discuss and have hands on experience of the teaching methods which support a learner with dyslexia.


This session will examine research and use evidence to show how to develop a positive learning environment translating the theory of ADHD to practical teaching practice to help learners with ADHD cope in the classroom


Covering understanding the specific difficulties of a learner with dyscalculia and how to recognise them in the classroom. Close attention is given to developing a dyscalculic learner's mathematical understanding and the strategies to teach maths through high quality first teaching

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This session encourages an understanding of what a confusing place the world is, with its abundance of unwritten social rules, for the learner with ASD. It celebrates the strengths associated with ASD before focusing on the difficulties a learner with ASD may experience in accessing the curriculum.

Please note

Workshops will last 3 hours with registration for the morning workshops (ADHD or Dyslexia) starting at 09.30 for a 10am start and finishing at 13.00. Afternoon workshops (ASD or Dyscalculia) will have registration from 13.30 for a 14.00 start finishing at 17.00