Our online and face to face courses are designed to show how you can enhance your classroom practice whether through incorporating drama techniques into your lessons or differentiating more effectively.

Cognitive Load Theory

21/4/21 3.45-5pm

It has been described as one of the most important psychological theories that teachers should know, but what actually is Cognitive Load Theory? This webinar will explain the research on the subject in a simple to understand yet easy to use way.

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From Eco-Anxiety to Agency

12/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

Educators the world over are witnessing the rise of "eco-anxiety" in students: feelings of grief, fear, anger, nihilism and paralysis toward climate change and ecological breakdown. This is now a safeguarding issue - yet there is little information on how to explore the science and emotions of climate change in a way that supports mental wellbeing.

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Generation Action

How to power up young people to take collective action and create a better world

13/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

New research by Global Action Plan for the Persil Dirt Is Good Project reveals that while young people are highly compassionate, they are choosing not to reveal their compassion through their words or behaviours for fear of not fitting in. This means that they take part in less social and environmental action than they would like to – to the detriment of their own well-being and their impact on the world around them.

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Growth Mindset

19/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

Growth Mindset revolves around the belief that we can improve our intelligence, abilities and performance. This webinar is based on the latest research and will provide practical tips and strategies to help you develop growth mindsets in your students.

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Support Staff: Strategies for Reading and Study Skills

25/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

Being able to read accurately, comprehend text and transfer information into your memory is vital to accessing the curriculum. This webinar will equip support staff with a wealth of strategies to support reading.

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Support Staff: Strategies for Writing and Spelling

26/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

Being able to write proficiently and creatively is a vital part of education and spelling is an important element of writing. This webinar will equip support staff with a wealth of strategies to support both these areas to help learners demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

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Teaching Race and Migration

4/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

This webinar will illustrate why teaching race migration and empire matters in both the English Literature and History curriculums. It will provide you with a clear understanding of how the project to teach race migration and empire works in the classroom, by looking closely at particular examples of texts and historical periods.

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How to tackle sexism and sexual harassment in school

18/5/21 3.45pm-5pm

Research commissioned by UK Feminista and the National Education Union in 2017 revealed the widespread extent of sexism in sexism in schools. Over a third (37%) of girls at mixed-sex schools said that they had been sexually harassed while at school with over a third (34%) of primary school teachers saying they witnessed gender stereotyping in their schools on at least a weekly basis. Unfortunately, little has changed since then.

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