In respect of members working in the independent or FE sector; or members working in support staff or leadership roles; these groups are called National Councils.

Constituency of National Councils

The group comprises representatives elected by Regional/Wales Councils and 3 Executive members.  Regional/Wales representation is on the basis of 3 per area (at least two of whom should be female) with 5 from London Region (at least three of whom should be female).  The Executive will elect one of the Executive members as Chair, and the Vice-Chair will be elected by the Regional/Wales representatives. The group will meet 3 times per year.



The main focus of meetings will be on sharing members’ experiences of organising activities and:

  • promoting and supporting the engagement of members and their active participation and development into reps
  • sharing utilising and building on effective practice
  • developing local networks to further such engagement
  • sharing and reporting on policy considerations emerging from local activity which can inform recruitment and development of members and reps.

Regional/Wales representatives are expected to engage with members and help develop local activist networks at regional/Wales level, and to report in writing to each Regional/Wales Council meeting and engage with Regional/Wales Council delegates as required. 

Policy development

The group shall be responsible for advising the Executive on matters which the Executive has asked it to consider, allowing for more detailed work than strategy committees are able to undertake.

The group will also form the steering committee for the annual section conference.

Organising and/or policy recommendations will go to the Executive and/or its strategy committees, as determined by the Officer Steering Group.

Getting involved locally in your region and contacting your local region representatives

If you would like to be involved in local activity in the independent sector, please contact the Regional Secretary and ask to be put in contact with your regional independent sector representatives

Applying to be on the National Council

Applications were invited from interested members over the summer. Not all places were filled. If you are interested in applying, please contact the Regional Secretary in your region expressing your interest.