Aimed specifically at support staff the webinars will also prove useful for anyone who works with pupils in small groups. There are four webinars:

A supporting document for each webinar is available for download so you can follow the text while watching the webcast or use it to refer to afterwards. The document is designed to make the webcast more accessible to a wide range of professionals, and to enable you to build or add to a portfolio of Continuing Professional Development.

Why interventions are important and what impact can they have?

This introductory webcast will explain what is meant by ‘intervention’ for pupils with SEND and look at some of the evidence for what makes interventions effective.

How to prepare to deliver an intervention

This webcast will cover what you need to know and do to deliver an intervention, and how to go about planning a series of interventions.

How to maximise the impact of interventions

This webcast will go into what happens during a session, focusing on language, prompting and scaffolding, and the effective use of praise.

What to do following an intervention

This webcast will look at what to do after each session, and after a series of sessions, focusing on record keeping and evaluation, including assessment for learning.