A Westminster Hall debate on post-16 funding is taking place on Tuesday 25th February 2020.      

An Education Committee report published in July, recommended that to urgently address underfunding in further education, there needs to be an increase to the base rate from £4,000 to at least £4,760, rising in line with inflation.

In the September 2019 spending round, the Government announced that it would raise the rate to £4,188 per student. The Raise the Rate campaign, which is supported by the NEU, responded as follows:

"This is a welcome first step, but research from London Economics has shown that the rate needs to increase to at least £4,760 per student, per year to ensure that schools and colleges can continue to deliver a high quality, internationally-competitive education." 

We are calling on the government to make two commitments in the 2020 spending review to ensure the long-term health of sixth form education:

  • Raise the rate for 16, 17 and 18 year old students to at least £4,760 per year
  • Raise the rate in line with inflation each year

The NEU supports the Love Our Colleges and Raise the Rate campaigns.

The School Cuts website includes sixth form colleges and sets out exactly how much the Government plans to cut every college's funding.